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07 November 2003

John O'Farrell on What that Guy left us

From the Guardian Unlimited :What that Guy left us is a comic expose of the ugly truth about the fifth of November. A quote will let my stateside readers have a little glimpse of what I was on about in the Remember, remember ... post below:
" 'The discovery of this fiendish plot of dire combustion shall be celebrated
evermore,' wrote James I, '...by teenagers chucking bangers at the swans in
the park, and the letting off of airbombs outside the old people's home at
two in the morning.' And so, 400 years later, from the beginning of October
to the middle of November, we celebrate the fact that an explosion didn't
happen by letting off 2,000 decibel explosions in the shopping precinct
after closing time and seeing how many fireworks it takes to set a telephone
box alight. It costs a fortune to get those telephone boxes back to normal.
Highly trained BT engineers often have to install brand new boxes before
ripping off the handset, sticking up prostitutes cards and urinating in the

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