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23 November 2003

Forgetful Green Beret Misdiagnosed as Derelict

This is the most tragic story I have read in ages - the story of a Green Beret who was an exemplary soldier, who contracted CJD, and was demoted, shamed and disgraced, sent home from Kuwait and scheduled for court martial, before his parents' intervention led to a proper diagnosis.
This post suffered from instant linkrot* and so I have a new link to the same story.
*Linkrot is the term for links that "break" over time; in the case of news stories this is usually due to news sites that stash stories behind an archive wall that requires at least registration and sometimes payment before they can be viewed. The site used in this story, LA Times, archives daily. Good sites like the Guardian require no registration for any archived story. Not so good sites like the NY Times require registration but at least it's simple and lasts forever if you use cookies. Really bad sites like the Wall Street Journal charge for everything.

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