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26 November 2003

Blindingly obvious or amazingly subtle?

Philosoraptor has a good post about the gay marriage controversy which is invading the presidential race in the US. This is inspired by a conservative who argues in defence of gay marriages, but, in Winston Smith's opinion, for the wrong reasons. Here is the bit that, when I read it, struck me as something we have all always known and yet never expressed so well (hence the title of this post):
"In fact, it seems to me that the best way to increase our respect for marriage is to make it clear that it isn't for everyone, and that it should be entered into only after careful consideration. The best way to destroy the institution is to misrepresent it as the only morally permissible venue for love and sex. If you want to decrease the divorce rate, be honest with people about the nature of marriage, and be honest with them about the alternatives."

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