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17 November 2003

Blogkeeping - the minor disaster

I think I have been hacked. I have been amazingly lucky for the 10 years I have been very actively "on" the internet - no hackers, viruses, remarkably little spam. But now my blogroll seems to have 150 occurrences of one (probably pornographic) site and nothing else. So I have taken steps. And in the interim, there is no blogroll.
BUT on the bright side, there is a beginning, feeble though it may be, to my activities in the Bloggers Parliament (see sidebar to the left.) Also, I did get a few new book reviews up, so see that blog as well.

I am thinking of adding yet another blog - a food-related one, very rich in recipes and food politics. If anyone would read such a thing, let me know (when the comments come back - we are having those technical problems, too.)

Update: it may not be hacking but just a weird temporary glitch at Blogrolling's site. My other two blogs that have a real Blogroll (as opposed to a hand-built one - safer, but a lot more work) are showing blank lists for the Blogrolls. Hmmm. I love a puzzle, but right now I am not in the mood.

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