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25 January 2006

Guardian on the cancellation of The West Wing

Bye bye Bartlet. Josiah we hardly knew ye. David Remnick, in the Media Guardian, takes the measure of TWW, albeit affectionately:

In between the riffs of snappy repartee, Bartlet's noble satraps would step to centre stage and unburden themselves of some of the most mind-bendingly un-ironic speeches about virtue and public life since Tacitus carried a briefcase.
Yeah, maybe so, but some of us need that in these cynical times.

18 January 2006

The Last Place on Earth

City Pages, the weekly newspaper of the Twin Cities, has an in-depth story about the fate of the last wave of Hmong immigrants to come to Minnesota - rampant homelessness. Whereas many Hmong came to the Twin Cities and made a fairly decent life, starting in the early 1980s, those arriving in the 21st century, often to be with their extended families, are finding terrible unemployment and an impossibly tight housing market.

09 January 2006

Sweet Victory: Huge Win for Wal-Mart Workers

Get your latest Wal-Mart news here. Wal-Mart and its many transgressions has been a recurrent theme of this blog, another theme that I have been regrettably neglecting in recent months. I will try to do better.

05 January 2006

Excuse me, weren't you in the Fall?

Dave Simpson is trying to track down everyone who has ever been a member of Mark E Smith's band, The Fall. Although I am not personally very familiar with The Fall, I plan to get more familiar with them, because I like what little I have heard so far. The late John Peel liked the band so much that he said all other rock bands should be measured against them. This article attempts to give an insight into the surreal world of the band, which was a sort of despotism of anarchy, shaped by the cruelly creative whimsy of Smith. The 42 people who used to be in The Fall all have stories of being abandoned in bars, flown to Europe for a gig and then sent home before it started, or hit on the head with chairs when Smith thought their style was becoming too "slick". Sounds like fun, eh?

04 January 2006

Massive puppy boom in aftermath of Katrina

Gulfport MS has a puppy crisis. Amongst the survivors of hurricane Katrina are a lot of dogs, some homeless, some still with their owners although both are without proper housing. I expect nature's drive to repopulate after a disaster has taken hold of the dogs, and the animal shelter is now overwhelmed with an unseasonal glut of puppies, as well as the numerous strays still being picked up in the abandoned neighbourhoods and environs of the devastated coastal town.

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