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04 November 2003

And what do you do?

A great quote from Zoe Williams, one of my favourite Guardian columnists. This is relating to a poll that found that xx% of Britons in the x to x age-group (you don't really care and it's in the link) could not identify various photos of government ministers:

"Before resigning, ministers simply won't say anything about their area of expertise, beyond "I support the government in everything it does". So, this is the only fair way to test our ignorance or otherwise - not "who is minister for X?" but "who used to be?" I'd go one step further, in fact, and say the minute you can remember who's in charge of what, that person is probably for the chop, since they've already transgressed the first and most important rule - dovetail with the government so quietly and faultlessly that no one can remember who you are. Bad news for Geoff Hoon; good news for that bloke who does Northern Ireland."

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