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21 August 2004

Portraits by Henri Cartier-Bresson

Tete a Tete is an online portrait gallery of works by the late, great photographer Henri Cartier-Bresson.

Update: After reading through I realised that there were only a few pictures on the site, although there are also some links of interest to H C-B fans. It is more a post about an "online" exhibit at the National Portrait Gallery. (Also I found that the link was broken, but I think I have fixed that now.) In fact, this link at the Washington Post has the full online gallery of photo portraits, or at least a lot more of them.

Later I found this article from last week in the Minneapolis Star-Tribune following on from the death of Cartier-Bresson at age 95, which was, in case you missed it, August 3rd. There are a couple of great pictures there, too, which you can click to enlarge, including "Last Days of the Kuomintang (1949)" which I have "borrowed" to rope in your interest, dear reader. If you want even more, you can check out the Art Encyclopaedia or the Peter Fetterman Gallery or Magnum Photos.

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