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30 August 2004

George Bush's Olympic Speech and I Fly Away

George W. Bush is opening the Olympic Games and has to read a speech. "Oh," he says. "Oh, oh, oh ..."
An aide nudges him, "Mr. President, stop," he says. "You're reading the Olympic symbol."

I apologise; that's not really worthy of my blog, is it? And in the current feverishly partisan climate, it will probably attract trolls. But, heck, I couldn't resist. Thanks to my non-blogging friend Joani for the joke. And speaking of Joani, I will be seeing you soon, and it has been 14 years since our last visit.

I must also apologise for the 4-day hiatus in blogging. As I have mentioned before, I have not been myself. I blame the job. I have never been so stressed out by my job as I have been the past four months. I have never needed a vacation quite as much as I do right now. Tomorrow morning early I fly away for America. Portland Oregon, the recently moved-to home of my daughter and grand-daughter. Grand-daughter Savannah will be one year old on Wednesday and I will be there. Around about the middle of the month, I will board a luxury Amtrak for an 18-hour trip to Berekeley California. I will be gone a total of 22 days on my American west-coast sojourn, which is the second longest trip I have taken in my life. (The longest was my 8 week tour of Europe at the age of 16.)

Other personal news - I have joined tribe.net. It looks interesting; if anyone else is a member, or feels inclined to join, look me (Deborama) up as a friend.

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