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11 August 2004

OK, that does it . . .

GW Bush is just not a nice person. We have all heard about his drunk-driving, draft-dodging, failing to report for duty in his cushy job in the Air National Guard, insulting his wife and daughters, wiping his hands on the dress of a total stranger, starting illegal wars, having and corruptly assisting shady billionaire friends, insulting other nations and pulling out of treaties. But now - can you believe it - it appears that he has also played extremely, unforgiveably un-sportsmanlike rugby! And thank heavens, he's been photographed doing it.
Update, 12 August: here is a very interesting coincidence. The rules of the game - Bertuzzi and Bush is a March 2003 opinion piece for al-Jazeerah online that likens the Bush administrations attack on Iraq with a very similar sports transgression by a professional player. This piece was written with no knowledge that the young student Bush had committed exactly the same criminal act at Yale 35 years earlier. Note the italics, which I added.
"I love Todd Bertuzzi, the big goof, but I'm also a player - in rugby where, like hockey (and football too), hitting hard is appreciated. But a sucker punch from behind injuring an opponent deserves not just a penalty, or even a long suspension, but criminal charges. Such actions are completely outside the rules of the game.
"A really late hit or even a deliberate high tackle could cause a serious neck injury similar to Steve Moore's, but still be within the game. While deserving of penalty and suspension, it would not be a criminal matter.
"Considering criminality and the rules of the game, what if the government of a signatory state to the Un Charter attacks another country with no reasonable self-defense justification and without UN sanction or global community support?"

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