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07 August 2004

Just when I think things cannot get any more hideous and strange

If you know me, or if you know any other super-Scorpios like me, you know that I can tend to a paranoid view of things anyway. I am drawn to shadowy conspiracies like a bee to nectar. But things these days are just feeding my paranoia, testing my ability to maintain a rational skepticism. Normally I would not be one to say that a person, or an administration, which is a collective of persons, is "evil"; I used to talk like that when I was young and headstrong, but nowadays I try to avoid such hyperbole. But seriously, read this and tell me that, if true, it is not evil. Here's an excerpt with the gist of it, but you should read it all:
"Why in the world would Bush administration officials out a double agent working for Pakistan and the US against al-Qaeda? In a way, the motivation does not matter. If the Reuters story is true, this slip is a major screw-up that casts the gravest doubts on the competency of the administration to fight a war on terror. Either the motive was political calculation, or it was sheer stupidity. They don't deserve to be in power either way."

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