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10 August 2003

What Was Behind the Pentagon's Betting Parlour?

In What Was Behind the Pentagon's Betting Parlor? published at CommonDreams.org, David Morse summarises all the madness of corporate greed and monopoly capitalism run amok that permeates the entire Bush administration. A representative quote:
"As the occupation grinds on, with more loss of American lives and political rumblings at home, the corporate brainstormers running the administration have resorted ever more desperately to the ploys one would expect from runaway capitalism - the placing of bounties on Saddam Hussein, dead or alive, the degrading attempt to buy the loyalty of former Iraqi army troops with hundred dollar bills. The cynicism of these devices, and the grumbling of our own troops, all convey the essential failure to secure a just peace for the Iraqi people. But that objective was missing all along."

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