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21 August 2003

Oliver North lost the Vietnam War --Joel Sax

I am apparently guilty of blog provocation now. (I am a bloggant provocateur.) Pax Nortona's blogger Joel was compelled to respond to my post below about getting out of Iraq now with this. But nobody likes my thing about omelettes and eggs. Boo hoo! I have another bon mot, an old omelette-egg trope as it were, which is to characterise both fascist types and nihilist anarchist types with "F**k the omelette, I just like breaking eggs!" (Could be that's the motto of Bush and the PNAC as well.) (By the way, I only censor my blog like that so that I can view it at work through the filter; in real life I am not at all squeamish about the f-word.)
But seriously. I still don't think justice or the Iraqi people would be served at all by an immediate withdrawal of the coalition. I think they should clean up their act. I think the height of evil is to be found in, amongst other things, the tax cuts, the military benefit cuts, and the persistent lying about both causes and outcomes.

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