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20 August 2003

Bush Wars - It's 1968 all over again

I was browsing blogs and news sources for something original about the death of de Mello and the bombing of the UN, and I came upon this quote of Steve Gilliard in the Bush Wars blog of Steve Perry of Minneapolis:
"The Iraqis aren't going to work with us. They are not going to kill their relatives for the greater glory of Halliburton. George Bush is so fundamentally corrupt, and the Iraqis are so fundamentally angry at the occupiers, that people are willing to help anyone destroy anything. They blew up the pipeline for the water. How did they learn the spot to hit? Some civil engineer had to tell them. How did they know where de Mello's office was? Someone who worked in the building told them. The Iraqi resistance is sheltered and embraced by the Iraqi people. It could not exist otherwise."
This gave me a definite chill - doesn't it sound like the Viet Cong?
Also in Perry's blog, he works on the meme of the absconding dictator:
"..., but at this point I'd give the sonuvabitch [Bush] tens of millions of dollars and a Saudi palace if he would just resign and go away now." and then does a variation on it with:
"At this point in time I don't think the Iraqis care if we take the oil with us when we leave. I think they just want us gone. Now."
Which is great rhetoric, but I am not so sure it's entirely true. Not the impression I get from Salam Pax, and other Iraqis he quotes, and he is certainly no apologist for the failings of the coalition. But there's a difference between criticising the way the Americans are handling things and saying that the solution is to just leave. The way I look at it, they broke the eggs already, now they had better make the omelette.

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