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11 August 2003

Is August truly the cruelest month?

Hywel Williams in "A truly wicked month" argues that it is, and history is on his side:
"This is always a good time to launch a coup, as Mikhail Gorbachev discovered in his dacha in 1991 and Iranians found in 1953 when the CIA toppled their government. Major military aggression also finds its August cue. Whether with cavalry or with artillery and infantry, this was always the high campaigning season in European warfare. The crops are gathered and the ground is hard.
"America in the Vietnam of 1964, Saddam in the Kuwait of 1990, all Europe in 1914 and then 1939: the rollcall of summer military onslaughts, either declared or imminent, is a reminder that August is serious, not silly."

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