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02 August 2003

Deborama's Weblog keeps on improving

Little by little, it is getting there. As you will see, I just added titles on the main page. I have only gone back about a week putting in titles on existing posts that didn't have them. I will probably go back another week or two then stop. Must . . . be . . . less . . . obsessive - . . . compulsive!

Also, I have finally got a books page. I have one and a half book reviews up there, and an Amazon Associates button. Do buy your Amazon purchases from me (but only if you live in the UK or Europe; obviously I don't expect anyone to pay the higher prices and astronomical shipping charges for purchases from the US!)

Future projects include (1) a fully functioning Amazon.co.uk store for all my personally recommended books (and maybe CDs, what do you think?), and (2) photos, as soon as I learn how to upload them to our ISP-provided web space. Also related to that project is the scanning of a load of non-digital pictures for inclusion where needed. Some day, I may start selling used books and comics online (again, only to the UK and maybe Europe.)

Let me know what you think of the new look -- and the books page when it is more finished.

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