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20 August 2003

Hope springs eternal

In the midst of all the negativity in the news, my little family grouping, my very scattered tribe, is awaiting the entrance of our newest member. To be more specific, my only daughter and oldest child, Aimee, is expecting a baby - today! I don't know statistically how many babies are born slap on their due dates so I don't know what are the chances she will come today. I say "she" because we know the baby's a girl and she even has a name already. (We're not superstitious in our family, or at least not that supersititious.) So I am sitting here about 6 or 7,000 miles away, waiting for a phone call or an e-mail to tell me that I am a granny. I will be flying over to the states on Monday, either to be present at a slightly late birth, or to see a very new baby girl. Prayers for my daughter and for her daughter are very welcome, from any of you who pray.

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