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24 August 2003

Off to America-land

The baby had still not arrived when I spoke to my daughter last night (Saturday afternoon for her.) I am leaving tomorrow for a 13-day sojourn to Minneapolis, so there will be a hiatus on this blog for at least a day, maybe more. Meanwhile, today, I am going to repair a problem at Deborama's Personal Pages. If anyone tried to look at any of the picture links they probably didn't work because they were in a Yahoo photo album, which I did not realise could not be linked to. So I have now copied my photos to our private domain at ntl and they are linkable from there. You can visit the Personal Pages now for photos of Aimee and my son Carey and me with parents and five siblings at a family reunion three years ago and also baby Savannah's scan from when she was about 3 months in utero. As soon as she is born, or as soon as I can, I will get photos of her on the page.

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