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26 May 2004

George Monbiot on the immigrants loved by the ruling class

The only thing wrong with this article by George Monbiot is that it might be a little too subtle for the readers of the right-wing tabloid press to follow, and so it is, sadly, just preaching to the choir.
"Given that illegal labour is unpopular with voters, that it undermines the tax base and is linked to other forms of organised crime, you'd have thought that a government would do all it could to wipe it out. But, as a Home Office adviser told the Times last year, if our illegal labourers 'disappeared overnight, London and the South East would break down before breakfast.' The corporate economy depends on them, and it intends to remain dependent upon them. The legalisation of illegal eastern European workers on May 1st is likely to have been a disaster for some of our most respectable businesses. They will be seeking to replace them with illegal workers from other countries as swiftly as possible."

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