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21 May 2004

Blogkeeping - and a plug

First the plug. Courtesy of Ronni, the owner of a blog called As Time Goes By, there is a review of Deborama. And a very flattering and glowing review it is, too. Thank you Ronni. It's positive feedback like this that makes it all worthwhile.
Flash news - I have actually posted something at Wordkeeper! I was really taken by this post at a blog new to me called Open Brackets. I will probably blogroll it.
I updated the post below about the Seymour Hersh article on Abu Ghraib, et al. (I added the footnote explaining who or what "jags" are, in the context of the military and international law.)
I am just about to head on over to Deborama's Kitchen and post a recipe for Hippie Student Food. This simple little confection has become an enormous hit at the homeless youth hostel where I have been teaching economical cooking classes for the past three weeks.
***Update - oops. When I was in the middle of posting that recipe my computer went phut. I have just now got it back up and running and it's tomorrow morning. Sorry about that.
***Update. It is there now: Hippie Student Food.

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