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02 May 2004

Found on the letters page of A Prairie Home Companion

Have you ever had a weird character trait, so weird that you were certain you were the only one in the world, and then found out it was a well-known quirk or even a syndrome?

Browsing the web, I came across A Prairie Home Companion Post to the Host:

Dear Host:
I think that I may have unintentionally become a Unitarian, or at least adopted a Unitarianesqe outlook. Are there warning signs? A check list?
Sam S*
. . .
Tending toward the church of Ralph Waldo Emerson and Thomas Jefferson is no reason to feel shame, but if you want to know, one warning sign is a tendency to read ahead, while singing from the hymnal, to see how you feel about the lyrics, doctrinally, which means that you don’t sing very well.

Oh, my God!

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