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30 May 2004


First of all, I cross-posted the story below at my poor neglected LJ
Browsing the web, I was reading Neil Gaiman's Journal when I came across a "stab from the past" - Omaha the Cat Dancer. There was a link to a blog owned by Reed Waller who was the artist of Omaha, but alas he doesn't appear to keep up with it much. This led me to a reviewer column at a site called Comic Book Resources.com. The column is titled "Lying in the Gutters" and is edited by a British comic book aficianado. So all that went on to Deborama's Fund of Knowledge - Cartoons and Comics.
The other big blog news is that I moved the tag board to my personal page. I got tired of having to close the pop-up window every time I access my page (and I bet some of you did too; not all pop-up blockers worked on it.) If you like tag board and left messages in the past, they are still there, just on a different page.

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