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06 February 2004

Scene in Nottingham

On my way to the train from my office Wednesday night, I saw something mildly interesting and I said to my self, "Self, you should blog about that." By the time I got home I forgot that I had seen anything. Sometime Thursday, either on the train to work or while walking about, I remembered that I had seen something I wanted to blog about, but I could not remember what it was, or exactly where and when I had seen it. (Don't laugh, you'll be just like this when you're 51, worse if you drink too much.) I didn't remember what it was until I was walking to the train from the office tonight and I happened to glance to one side just as I was crossing a bridge over the canal. (On this map, I walk down Carrington Street and the blue line is the canal.) I happened to glance at the water and remembered: Wednesday evening there was a solitary person paddling a kayak swiftly through the swollen brown waterway. (we're having some floods just now.) I don't know why, but it struck me. I wanted to stand and watch or maybe run down to the canal and ask him where he was going and why a kayak. Of course, I didn't. If I had I would have remembered.

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