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19 February 2004

Five Guantanamo prisoners to return to UK

British prisoners at Guantanamo's Camp Delta are sort of one of my "pet issues" on this blog. So tonight, there is breaking news - good, but not as good as we were led to hope. Five British detainees will be sent home. Four remain. Of the four, two almost certainly face a "military trial". If you choose to call it that. Personally, I am fairly convinced that these two men are, if not innocent, certainly not the dangerous terrorists that the US government has portrayed them. Read these articles about Moazzam Begg and Feroz Abassi and decide for yourself. And if you know of a reliable source with any information that is counter to this, let me know, in the comments or, if they don't work (they're down at the moment) on the tag board or by e-mail.

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