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11 February 2004

Away with the fairies

There were no blog entries yesterday because I was away at my father-in-law's funeral, down south - a crematorium in Basingstoke. My first British funeral; I remarked to hubby, who is a bitter atheist, that I can now see why he hates church services and hymns so much. I could learn to dislike them myself if this is the best the C of E has to offer. One traditional British touch I rather liked - the undertaker brings the coffin and hearse to the house (the widow's house now) and we all get in our various cars (could be hired limos but this family is frugal, so just our cars) and line up behind the hearse - and the undertaker walks to the end of the road in front of the hearse. Then we had to drive to Basingstoke, about 35 minutes, I think. Then we had to drive back and go make nice at the deceased's bowling club, which smelt horribly of old men and stale cigarette smoke. But we survived.
And not much to say today because the little time I had for the web (until this moment, and after this I'm off to bed) has been spent tracking down and joining the UK chapter of Democrats Abroad. They just had their caucus in London on Monday, which sadly I missed because I didn't know they existed. Better late than never, I guess.

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