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04 February 2005

Better news from Portland

Grand-daughter Savannah seems to be on the mend. She was hospitalised two days to have a staph infection lanced (she had to be heavily sedated for this, which is mainly why they had to keep her in overnight). The staph is partly resistant to antibiotics, but she is taking some kind of antibiotic that hopefully will clear up the immediate infection. The family is on a strict hygiene regimen to try to "flush" this bug out of their systems, because they have all had infections at one time. (Staph will "colonise" your body asymptomatically and then flare up when your resistance is low.) But the danger is past, and I am calmed down a bit.
Thanks for all the friends here and on my mailing lists who offered prayers and vibes and kind wishes. And I'm sorry I haven't been blogging much. I do mean to do better.

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