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12 October 2004

Christopher Reeve, 1952-2004

Journalist Penny Wark remembers Christopher Reeve: "the most unforgettable person I have interviewed."
As do many others, I mourn the untimely death of Christopher Reeve, a great actor who became a great man in the face of the terrible indignity of being paralysed and virtually helpless. I read through a lot of articles and tributes before selecting this one as being the best at giving a sense of what the man must have been like (as opposed to the celebrity or the "hero").
If you are an American, and you want to do something to honour the memory of Christopher Reeve, be sure and vote on election day, especially if you support Reeve's work to ensure the legality of stem cell research in America. I must admit that one of the first things to cross my mind after hearing of his death, after the initial shock and sadness, was "I wonder if he voted by absentee ballot?" because otherwise his vote is lost, which is one more in the list of terrible ironies of his life.

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