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21 October 2004

Back to Iraq 3.0: Bugged Out

Yes, I'm still here; it's been six days since my last post and I am feeling classic blogger's guilt. It's my job, mostly. Also in personal news, I was going to go to a weblogger meetup at the Trip to Jerusalem pub in Nottingham, but at the last minute I declined because it didn't look like it was going to happen (no RSVPs). Too bad.
Meanwhile, Christopher has had to leave Iraq. As you may have noticed, I have my favourite sources for news on various fronts and my best sources in Iraq lately have been Riverbend and Back to Iraq 3.0, Christopher's blog. He also mentions and links to the kidnapping of Margaret Hassan, which has caused a minor groundswell of grass-roots outrage here in Britain, along with stiff opposition to the idea of sending British troops deeper into the American quagmire in Iraq.

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