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05 April 2004

Words of wisdom

I was reading the great comments on Skippy's post on the American Street about the still simmering blogevent where Kos refused to mourn the Blackwater boys and a bunch of wingnuts started a campaign against his linkers and advertisers. (The latest news being that the Kerry blog de-linked Kos). This one comment from "anymouse" was just so cogent, so brilliant, that I must quote her in her entirety:
"As soon as I saw the sh*train of abuse falling on Kos, I thought to myself, 'they're Wellstoning him.'
I understand why the Right would take this approach--they need to distract people from their own rapidly collapsing House of Cards, in which the Plumbing of Cards is ever-more backed up and noxious. Markos gave them an opening, and they took it--unfairly, but when have they ever fought fair?
I had thought until now, though, that the left had learned its lesson about circular firing squads. Guess not.
So here's a hint, boys and girls: when your enemies are flinging feces at one of your friends, DON'T HELP FLING. Your enemies don't need the help, and they won't appreciate the help, and it'll be your turn soon enough."

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