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11 April 2004


I realised that I hadn't done a blogkeeping post for a while, even though there are a lot of little developments on the blog and associated websites. Deborama (this one) has a new PayPal button. I finally quit procrastinating and made a modest donation to the Haiti Group, which is supporting a struggling trade union in Haiti fighting for its survival, and the payment method used the new improved PayPal UK. So since I had an account already, I decided to put up a button. If you are moved to support my writing efforts in any way, just click - you can give very small amounts and it doesn't matter what currency your account is in, it will convert it. I also added a Google search window (it's way down at the end) with which you can search my website for past articles by keyword. There are a couple of new posts in that subject so dear to my heart, food politics, over at Deborama's Kitchen. They were both gleaned from the Health Supreme website of Josef, a fellow Bloggers Parliament member. Sometime in the near future I am undertaking a little volunteer project - teaching economical and healthful food shopping and cooking to the residents of a local hostel for homeless youth. I am planning to post the lesson plans (with recipes of course) at DK, so check that out.
Speaking of Bloggers Parliament, there has been a little activity over there, so drop by and read, including one I posted that links to an article from How to Save the World and one posted by VeraLynne that links to a blog called investigating the 'new' imperialism, a very interesting website.
There is not much happening at Deborama's Book Reviews and Store, but soon, today or tommorow I hope, I am going to post some reviews: the His Dark Materials trilogy, Carol Shield's Unless and an SF book I read ages ago, Kipper's Game, by Barbara Ehrenreich (a name that will be familiar in quite another context to any readers familiar with the DSA, The Nation or Mother Jones). My poor neglected "language maven's" site Wordkeeper is almost defunct. And yet, browising the referrer stats on SiteMeter, meagre as they are, puts me in mind to do some work to try to revive it. It is interesting what searches bring people there, and it has got a 4 Google rank, even though it also gets about 4 hits - a week!

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