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30 April 2004

Reactions to a scandal - US vs. UK

Jeanne of Body and Soul taps into the British media to find answers in the growing scandal of the torture of Iraqi prisoners. She appreciates the Guardian's in-depth coverage of the issue, including the role of contractors in the interrogation of prisoners, and their non-accountable status. But she is totally freaked by a Daily Mirror front page. Bless you, Jeanne. If you lived here you would soon grow used to it, and used to seeing "respectable" people reading these appalling parodies of newspapers. It's just a British thing; this isn't even close to being the most tasteless cover I have seen on the Mirror.
Meanwhile, my Darling Hubby is disgusted to the point of blithering by the inarticulate reaction of George W. to America's part in the scandal. And I smile indulgently as Gen. Sir Michael Jackson perfectly impersonates an officer of the empire to say: "...if proven, the perpetrators are not fit to wear the Queen's uniform and they have besmirched the Army's good name and conduct." Bless them all and pray for this f*c*ed up world.

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