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06 April 2004

Riverbend watches stars and listens to crickets

Another poignant as well as informative post appeared yesterday at Baghdad Burning. I peruse all the Iraqi blogs I know about from time to time, but Riverbend's all-too-rare posts never fail to enlighten me. Mixed in with homely little details of life under the occupation are observations laced through with a mordant wit, such as:
"Today Bremer also announced the fact that we now have an official 'Ministry of Defense'. The irony of the situation wasn't lost on Iraqis- the head of the occupation announcing a 'Ministry of Defense'. To defend against what? Occupation? Ha, ha… or maybe it's to secure the borders from unwelcome foreigners carrying guns and riding tanks? Or perhaps the Ministry of Defense should be more concerned with the extremists coming in from neighboring countries and taking over. . . "

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