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14 April 2004

A day or two in my life

Well, I guess I had better post something to the old blog if I don't want to lose the interest of my small but perfectly formed readership. It has been two days. I don't know why I didn't post anything on Easter Monday; mild depression, perhaps. I suffered a big disappointment at work and then the very next day I got a decent pay rise. Such things mess with my head, and then leave me emotionally drained. In a way I enjoyed creating the death of Christendom posts, but that also took something out of me. But I went back to work on Tuesday, rather grimly, just hanging in there, but the enthusiasm I had for the job is all gone and I am cynical and snappish.
This morning I saw a display of mass idiocy that was so stupid it was amusing. Nottingham has this lovely shiny new tram system. If you are unfamiliar with trams, they run on tracks embedded in the road surface, and with a few exceptions, they run alongside of traffic, and they cross traffic at the level, observing traffic lights just like buses and cars. There is a crossing near my office of the tramline with a heavily-used one-way street. As the tram came to the intersection, its way was blocked by a large delivery van parked in front of a pub, just inches from the track. Therefore, no clearance at all. The driver stopped and got out to ask the van driver to move away. As he got out of the tram, the traffic light changed, so that he was blocking four lanes of traffic. The trams are long and bendy, with four carriages, so it was the rear carriage blocking the road, and the driver and the van was just out of sight up the tramline. One old geezer got really incensed at the tram so he started blowing his horn, vigorously, and - here's the stupid part - gesticulating madly at the passengers in the back of the tram and shouting "Move" at them. And now here's the really stupid part - all the other drivers thought "What a great idea!" so they're all tooting and gesturing and shouting at the bemused passengers sitting innocently in the rear carriage of the tram. And me standing on the corner, almost up in this old geezer's face, and laughing so hard I couldn't go anywhere till I got over my fit of hysterics. Thanks, I needed that.

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