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07 April 2004

U.S. Hits Mosque Compound; 40 Said Killed

Yes, bombing mosques, that's a brilliant strategy and a logical next step in the War on Terra. Gen. Kimmit says it is permissible to attack a "holy site" if "there is a military necessity brought on by the fact that the enemy is storing weapons, using weapons, inciting violence and executing violence from its grounds." So I guess that's why they timed the air strike to coincide with afternoon prayers?
But there is always the silver lining to the cloud (or is it just the light at the end of a dark tunnel?) as the Guardian reports that the worsening situation in Iraq seems to be causing Republicans to turn on Bush. The war has effectively restarted, over 100 Iraqis and at least 30 Americans have died just since the weekend, and the White House responded by saying that "US resolve was 'unshakable'. Its spokesman Scott McClellan said: 'We will prevail. The president was told that our troops are performing well. The president is proud of our troops'." For God's sake, get your collective heads out of the sand!

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