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09 April 2007

Deborama's slant on the Iran hostage / media controversy

  • While the 15 sailors and marines were in the custody of the Iranians, the British media reported all their staged press conferences at face-value.
  • As soon as they were released, the British media began speculating on whether they would or should be reprimanded for "cooperating" too much.
  • Simultaneously they began "approaching" (that is, swarming all over) their friends and families clamouring for stories and "reactions".
  • As soon as they had access to the released servicemen and woman, they began to pester them for their stories and "reactions", saying "if you don't tell us we won't be able to tell 'your side'" and "if you don't take the money your friends will."
  • Then, they began to assail the MoD demanding to be allowed to purchase the "hostages' stories".
  • No sooner was permission granted to the servicemen and woman to sell their stories than the media began to question the integrity of the MoD decision.
  • Also at the same time, the surviving relatives of the service men and women killed in Iraq during the "hostage crisis" were harrassed and manipulated into saying resentful things about the relative sufferings of the hostages and hostages' families vs. their own losses.
  • The controversy was further charged with irrational emotion by playing up this contrast in experience and manufacturing alternating sympathy and disdain for the freed hostages.
  • My conclusion? The British media is an evil nest of vipers. They are worse than the UK government and the Iranian government combined and I am sick to death of them.

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