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21 June 2004

Happy Solstice!

Here's a nice picture of sunrise at Stonehenge. Wish I was there. And thank God for yoga! I have been feeling really crappy lately and my yoga class tonight was just what I needed to work the ya-yas out. Of course we did salute to the sun, the strong version (with cobra, warrior and hanging dog). Yes, I may survive after all. So, why am I feeling so blue? Part of it is just that age-old plaint - I NEED A VACATION! Or a holiday even. Whatever. But I hate travelling at high summer. So my current plans are to go to Portland "Organ" (never been there) on or about my only grand-child's first birthday, which is the 1st of September. Jeesh, that's a long way away. I have a few more days I could use before then. Anyone got an idea for a short cheap holiday I could take that won't involve over-exposure to either sun or crowds? Preferably something very restful and calming.

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