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17 July 2004

Resistance is futile

A site called aikarin.com features this handsome custom-made object, a representation of what it looks like when My Little Pony is assimilated by the Borg. I would say that someone should do a Borg Barbie, but of course it's more or less been done already by Jeri "the reason spandex was invented" Ryan.  By the way, I finally found a way around the Blogger bug I mentioned below, in order to post this.  I used the "Blog This" button, which defaults to the old-fashioned Edit HTML view, which is all I really wanted.  I could probably drag-and-drop the picture using the wysiwig or something fancy like that, but I am too old and set in my ways.  I still use COBOL, for gosh sakes, and even, in a pinch, JCL.  (But that's at my job, obviously, not for blogging.

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