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10 July 2004


Gradually, Deborama is climbing the evolutionary ladder of the blogosphere. Some of my blog-friends, like Natalie, (see 1 July, as she does not have permalinks) are winning awards and notice for what they are doing. I have had my moments of fame (MN blog of the day on Babelogue, but sorry, I'm too lazy to find the link) and being briefly noticed by Skippy the Bush Kangaroo, Slugger O'Toole and other A-listers. I don't read my stats as obsessively as I once did. I have grown used to the idea that a lot of my one-time visitors are coming here looking for sex. If the search is on Yahoo, my blog was number 83 for quite a long while. Now it is number 50, so I am moving up in somebody's world. If on the other hand, you search Google for "sex at Fosse Park" I am a staggering number 3! And I occasionally still get hits from Aimee Tyler fans, which anomaly was explained in a much earlier blog-keeping post. All of this shows (for the geeky ones amongst us, in which I must include myself) the increasing divergence between the two top search engines, Google and Yahoo. My rankings for sex and Aimee Tyler searches, which I would classify as false hits, are much lower on Google than on Yahoo. Maybe more people just look for sex on Yahoo than Google, what do you think?
Meanwhile, in the real world, I have put some links down the side to some of my personal favourite posts, that I think show what Deborama is all about. What I would really like is more feedback, and I am happy that comments are up and almost totally free of trolls. Thanks to all my constant readers.

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