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06 July 2004


Jeanne of Body and Soul, summing up her comments on MM's F 911:
"There's no contradiction, really, between recognizing that war both exploits the most vulnerable young people, and also brings out their worst traits, and even glorifies those traits. That Moore is able to deal with the fact that many people in the military are both victims and perpetrators speaks to an intellectual honesty that's disgustingly rare in Moore's popularity and income bracket. The problem, for me, showed up at the very end of the movie. Summing up, he turns sentimental, talking about how ironic it is that the people who get the least from this country are the ones most likely to volunteer to defend it. And emotionally that felt like a false irony and a cheap sentiment. He's already made it clear that it's not patriotism that drives people into the military, for the most part, but hopelessness, and also that the anger engendered by that hopelessness can turn ugly when put in a position of both danger and power. That's something to mourn, and to rectify, not sentimentalize into some notion that poor people are more patriotic than rich people."

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