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02 July 2004

In memoriam - another good dog done gone

I made a draft of this post from Time Goes By, about old pets for old people, almost a month ago. I was going to take a nice picture of Sandi, our very old pet, to illustrate it. But I never got around to it, and Sandi didn't have any good hair days - she hadn't had any for many months, as her health was failing terribly. On Wednesday, she died at the veterinary hospital. I was on my way home from work, on the train, when I got the call from DH to say she was there and was not coming home, and did I want to come by and say good-bye to her. She was suffering from major kidney failure; and she hadn't been able to eat for days and so did not take her "brain pill". Finally, she couldn't get out of her bed, which is why Hubby had taken her to the vet.
So I went to the vet's, but we are not sure how conscious she was of us, as we stroked her and talked to her and cried softly for a few minutes. Then DH called for the vet to come in a give her the merciful dose. She was a good old dog, and we miss her.

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