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11 March 2004

Mayhem in Madrid

The top story everywhere; as ever the Guardian has lots of depth and breadth to the story and the BBC is providing continuous coverage on their satellite channel, BBC News24. Even the US media are covering it, although it is not given the prominence there. It is beginning to look as if this attack may have been by one or more Muslim terrorist groups, rather than the Basque group Eta, as first thought. Not only have letters claiming responsibility in Arabic been sent, but also major Eta affiliates are disclaiming involvement. From the BBC:
'The leader of the banned Basque political party Batasuna, Arnaldo Otegi, blamed "Arab resistance".
'"Eta has always issued a warning whenever it left a bomb to explode," he said, adding: "Spain maintains occupation forces in Iraq and we should not forget that it had a responsibility for the war in Iraq." '

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