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24 March 2004

Low hanging fruit

George Monbiot: Superstores mop up the last pockets of resistance is a sad story of shrinking biodiversity and shrinking market diversity. Monbiot visits J. C. Allgrove's, the last supplier of rare English fruit trees, which is soon to go out of business. How's this for bitter irony:
"He gave a one-word answer when I asked him what had happened to the business. "Supermarkets". Today the apples they buy are landing three miles from JC Allgrove's. Heathrow's first runway was built on strawberry farms and orchards. From the air, you can still see derelict greenhouses and the parallel lines on the land where fruit trees once grew. Richard Cox, the man who bred the world's favourite apple, is buried beside St Mary's Church in Harmondsworth, which will be flattened if a third runway is built at Heathrow."

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