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07 March 2004

Haiti: union-busting under the guise of regime change

I received a letter from Eric of the UK organisation LabourStart. I will quote most of it:

Haiti has been all over the news for the last couple of weeks, but I can almost guarantee that you haven't heard this story yet.
On Monday this week, 34 textile workers in northeast Haiti, members of a union, were fired. The next day, as fellow workers moved to take action in their defense, armed "rebel" forces arrived at the factory -- invited there by management. Some workers were handcuffed. Others were beaten up. The remaining workers were terrorized into returning to work.
In all the news coverage of the rebellion, of President Jean Bertrand Aristide's departure from the country and the controversy surrounding
it, little attention has been paid to this brazen attempt at union-busting.

Here is a web-page where you can send a protest letter to the company involved and their major customer, Levi-Strauss.

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