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13 March 2004

Guantanamo captives tell of torture and humiliation

The Independent is just one of the UK major broadsheets carrying the horrifying tales from Guantanamo. One of the captives came out of the camp minus an arm, which was amputated by the US Army in what he claims was a botched treatment. But the story of Tareq Dergoul's amputation comes second-hand, because he is still being kept in a secret location due to his extreme ill-health, both mental and physical. His solicitor, Louise Christian, issued a statement describing what he had been able to relate, and asking the media to respect his privacy.
One other released detainee, Jamal al-Harith, sold his story to the Mirror for an undisclosed amount. He told of beatings and psychological torture, forced feedings when 70% of the detainees attempted a hunger strike, and interrogations at gunpoint. He claims he was in Afghanistan by accident, believing he had paid a truck driver to take him to Turkey.

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