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07 March 2004


In addition to and as a follow-up to the Death of Christendom post below, I am going to do a post, probably tomorrow, about Why I am not going to see the Passion of the Christ. Since you have already read about a half-dozen such stories, I will tell you up front that my reasons are not like anybody else's reasons. This post will also attempt to explain my personal relationship with Jesus, and why I can no longer in conscience recite the Nicene Creed, although the Lord's Prayer/Our Father gives me no problems whatever. And also why I had to rewrite the 23rd Psalm.

Meanwhile, in other blogging news, I have just posted a heroic long post about hash-browns over at Deborama's Kitchen. Also, I mentioned that I finally read Jennifer Government. I am going to do my own review of it in the Book Reviews blog, alongside a review of two other SF novels Holy Fire by Bruce Sterling and Kipper's Game by Barbara Ehrenreich. Look for that later tomorrow.

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