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29 January 2004

Sidney Blumenthal on the Democratic presidential campaign

In full voice against Bush, in the Guardian, is Blumenthal's latest update on the state of the early days of the 2004 presidential campaign. He sees Democrats finally coalescing around the idea of defeating Bush on the issues. Here's a quote:
"Clark insisted on being drafted to run by a committee that had been created for that purpose. He wanted to be seen as Olympian, above politics and embodying the will of a postwar nation. But he had to struggle through a gruelling primary contest. Fatefully, he decided not to go to Iowa, allowing Kerry to outflank Howard Dean there. The elements that Clark sought to assemble were held by others: Kerry owned electability; John Edwards, southern identity; and Dean, the persona of the Washington outsider. A man of parts, Clark was left in pieces."

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