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18 January 2004

Iraq war whistleblower faces trial

The Guardian Unlimited (the online edition) has this story, titled US stars hail Iraq war whistleblower, with today's dateline. The story is about Katharine Gun, a British former employee of GCHQ who is facing trial tomorrow for violating the Official Secrets Act. The official secret she violated is that of a US 'dirty tricks' operation to spy on the UN Security Council.

I was rather amazed that this story is not all over the blogosphere, let alone the mainstream media. The Guardian is almost the only Western media outlet to carry it, at least according to a Google News search. And who else is carrying it? Al Jazeera, Pravda and a Cuban newspaper are amongst the top hits. And this is despite the fact that her cause has the backing of a "star-studded solidarity drive". There is a short comment from the Guardian as well as the main story. I also did a basic Google search and found a few blogs and lefty sites covering the story, but none of the big hitters - not Buzzflash for instance.

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