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16 January 2004

Sex and the Democrats

AlterNet has this story about the role that perceived manliness and sexiness plays in vote-getting. Apart from other questionable things about this interesting hypothesis, it doesn't have a thing to say about the electability of female candidates. All the stuff about nurturing fathers vs. strict fathers is very interesting, and the stuff about the crotch-padding of Bush's infamous flight suit is . . . disturbing. But it automatically raises questions in my mind - if this is all true, how does a woman have to be perceived to be elected? Experience would show, in Britain, that a "strict mother" figure works in similar situations to those calling for a strict father, and that a big handbag is symbolic and important, although I don't understand why. But will any of this translate to American? And how can I use it to advance my own private goal of seeing Chelsea Clinton in the White House (not as First Lady, either) in 2012?

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