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08 April 2003

Blogkeeping - citizenship

Yesterday I neglected my weblog. It was either yesterday or late Sunday that a bit of free-style web browsing led me to a possibly life-changing decision. If you look at my second or third post (back in the archive) you will see where I was moaning because I cannot vote now, seeing as how I am not a British citizen. I had been saying, these past five years, that I had no intention of becoming one, because I was under the mistaken idea that I would lose my US citizenship if I did so. A web-expedition amongst the papers of the US Department of State has convinced me that this is not the case. It says there that although the US does not encourage dual citizenship, mainly because it is a pain in the neck to Departments of State everywhere, they do not automatically strip natural-born Americans of their citizenship if they take up residence elsewhere and decide to become citizens there. In fact, the only way I can be deprived of my US citizenship is if I ask to be, or if I commit treason or certain other heinous crimes that I have no inclination to commit. So, all in all, I have decided to apply for British citizenship in due time. I just hope they won't make me sing that "Long to reign over us" line from God Save the Queen.

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