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12 April 2003

Free to do bad things

The daily dose:
Free to do bad things, according to Rumsfeld from the Guardian's Brian Whitaker.
The hell that was once a hospital, by Suzanne Goldberg, also of the Guardian.
A bankable ringer to replace Saddam? "Reprinted" by Venik Aviation (iraqiwar.ru) from the Washington Times.
US tank crew, Iraqi civilians, killed in munitions accident, from Al Jazeera, via iraqiwar.ru
Syrian oil exports cut by half after US sabotage pipeline from Iraq. From Al Bawaba business section.
You would have to be an idiot to believe that, says Dick Cheney about journalists fears that US forces are deliberately attacking journalists. But that is just what many major mainstream journalists do believe, including the editor-in-chief of Reuters, several watchdog groups, and the UK Foreign Minister Jack Straw.

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