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21 April 2003

The sugar connection

Today's topic is sugar.
Last Friday I happened to suggest to hubby that we might look into trying the Atkins diet, as we both desperately need to lose weight. He agreed, and Friday night I went to surf the web to look for resources in starting the diet. I discovered that Atkins had just died that same day. At first I thought this was a mighty coincidence, until I realised that the subject had only suggested itself to me because of an e-mail I had received a few days earlier from a dieter's support group. Since Atkins had suffered a fatal head injury nine days before he died, I figured that this group and the "online dieting industry" at large probably knew that and thus sent the e-mail.
Now today I came across the sugar connection in a more sinister guise. There is a story in the Guardian about the evil sugar industry and the WHO. The sugar industry violently objects to the notion that sugar should make up no more than 10% of a healthy diet, claiming that refined sugar in the form of soft drinks and confections can make up up to 25% of a diet without being unhealthy. US Government agencies being pressured to de-fund WHO say that the tactics being used are far more blatant and strong-armed than anything they experienced from the tobacco industry.

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